Podcast#22(Part2): “Africa, where to now?”

Podcast#22(Part2): “Africa, where to now?…

matthew matthew 1617 days ago
Wrapping up my conversation in the "Emergency Medicine in Africa" series of podcasts I'm left with s… Read More
Podcast #27 “smaccDUB with MJ Slabbert & Doug Lynch”

Podcast #27 “smaccDUB with MJ Slabbert &…

matthew matthew 588 days ago
 Expect a steady  drip drip of great podcast and online material over the next few months… Read More
In memory of John Hinds 4th July 2015

In memory of John Hinds 4th July 2015

matthew matthew 961 days ago
"We have lost one of our own. Death has turned his heavy hand against us and taken one more from us… Read More
Podcast #28 “Tim Leeuwenburg & Ryan Wubben”

Podcast #28 “Tim Leeuwenburg & Ryan Wub…

matthew matthew 374 days ago
One of the greatest pleasures I had at the SMACCDUB2016 conference was to meet and chat to some of m… Read More
Podcast #26: “Soundbite from smaccDUBmini”

Podcast #26: “Soundbite from smaccDUBmini…

matthew matthew 610 days ago
At this year SMACC in Dublin I caught up with co-founder of the BADem and South African blogger, Kat… Read More
Podcast#23: “Grounding the Frequent Flyer”

Podcast#23: “Grounding the Frequent Flyer…

matthew matthew 1545 days ago
No matter where in the world you practice your emergency medicine, no matter how long you have been… Read More
Podcast #25: “Kids, Spots n Dots”

Podcast #25: “Kids, Spots n Dots”

matthew matthew 1368 days ago
Once again I'm joined by Dr Natalie May who is steadily becoming our resident specialist on all thin… Read More
Podcast#21(Part2): “Africa’s Best Practice?”

Podcast#21(Part2): “Africa’s Best Prac…

matthew matthew 1664 days ago
What should we expect from the African continent when it comes to meeting our westernised standards… Read More
Podcast #24: “Defrosting the PreHospital Hypothermia Myth”

Podcast #24: “Defrosting the PreHospital Hyp…

matthew matthew 1497 days ago
He is the epitome of preHospital care. Every Paramedic, jealous of his ROSC rates! The Saint Bernard… Read More
Podcast#22(Part1): “The Emergency Physician in Africa”

Podcast#22(Part1): “The Emergency Physician…

stevan stevan 1635 days ago
I approached Dr Stevan Bruijns, editor of the African Journal of Emergency Medicine, and asked him… Read More

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