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Podcast #28 “Tim Leeuwenburg & Ryan Wubben”

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Capture22One of the greatest pleasures I had at the SMACCDUB2016 conference was to meet and chat to some of my favourite #FOAMed heroes. In this podcast I chat to Tim Leeuwenburg and Ryan Wubben about the impact that the SMACC conference and community has had on them both. This podcast/vLog looks back at some of the great sessions at SMACCDUB and offers some recommendations of who to listen to or follow in the #FOAMed world.  (more…)

Podcast #27 “smaccDUB with MJ Slabbert & Doug Lynch”

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Capture Expect a steady  drip drip of great podcast and online material over the next few months as an army of great presenters, speakers and em professional prepare to upload their incredible talks from this years smaccDUB conference. Keep a watchfull eye out for talks from Simon Carley , Scott Weingart and Victoria Brazil to name a few. In anticipation of this great content I’m joined by MJ Slabbert and Doug Lynch to chat about their highlights and top talks at this years SMACC conference. We chat about the impact social media has had on us and how we see it being used in future #FOAMed, our favourite SMACC talk and meeting a few of our heroes.  (more…)

Podcast #26: “Soundbite from smaccDUBmini”

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Monday, June 20th, 2016

Baby-Storm-Trooper-walyouAt this year SMACC in Dublin I caught up with co-founder of the BADem and South African blogger, Kat Evans. Kat had attended the paediatrics session at SMACC and I was eager to hear what key points she thought  would be worth following as topics are released onto the FOAMed world over the next few months and what she thought would be the future developments to watch in the world of paediatrics? (more…)

In memory of John Hinds 4th July 2015

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Sunday, July 5th, 2015

JohnsHinds “We have lost one of our own. Death has turned his heavy hand against us and taken one more from us.”

It is with sadness that the FOAMed and Emergency medicine community is mourning the loss of Doctor John Hinds. I would like to extend my condolence to all that knew him and hope that we can continue to carry his legacy forward.

I, like many followers around the world had only got to know John through the power of social media and had never shaken his hand. He was open and approachable, willing to engage in discussion that made him one of my most favourite podcast guests to appear on this site. He will leave an incredible legacy within the field of prehospital and emergency care. (more…)

Podcast #25: “Kids, Spots n Dots”

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Saturday, May 24th, 2014

spottedOnce again I’m joined by Dr Natalie May who is steadily becoming our resident specialist on all things kid related. In this podcast I asked Natalie to give me and the operational Paramedic some insight into childhood illnesses commonly seen alongside a rash. It’s important to remember that a whole host of childhood diseases present with a rash and when making a diagnosis we need to take a few things into consideration. Of course, as preHospital care providers our first main worry is always the rash associated with meningitis. In this podcast we discuss the difference between meningitis and meningococcal meningitis. My thanks to Natalie for supporting Paramedic FOAMed. (more…)

Podcast #24: “Defrosting the PreHospital Hypothermia Myth”

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

cc uncyclopedia.wikia.comHe is the epitome of preHospital care. Every Paramedic, jealous of his ROSC rates! The Saint Bernard dog with his bear like paws padding over frozen snow, a keg of warm whiskey strapped around his neck and years of wisdom etched across his wrinkled face. Patients pulled from their snowy graves and resuscitated with a salivating flick and lick to the lips. He is the master of Hypothermic Resuscitation! It’s probably this kind of idealism that has fed a belief that a cold patient is a “good” patient to deliver to the front door of the resuscitation bay or ED. The more frosty icicles hanging from their frozen fingers the better your chance of a successful ROSC? (more…)

Podcast#23: “Grounding the Frequent Flyer”

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Ridealong8No matter where in the world you practice your emergency medicine, no matter how long you have been a paramedic, there is always one constant that draws us together for a collective moan and groan. The “Frequent Flyer”. That patient who is a persistent user of the EMS system. Somebody you would see on a regular basis, week in and week out, the patient you get to know by first name. Instead of rolling my eyes at the strain this sector of society is placing on our struggling ambulance and health systems, I was curious to see how others handled this burden. This summer I spend a day with the San Francisco Fire Department and got some insight into how they have approached the issue. (more…)

Podcast#22(Part2): “Africa, where to now?”

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Photo: ©2013 ER24Wrapping up my conversation in the “Emergency Medicine in Africa” series of podcasts I’m left with some positive feeling and confidence that the African paramedic and physician are on a long and winding road to improving emergency health care on the continent. But at the same time I’m left asking a lot of questions. In this episode I wonder if #FOAM, Free Open Access Medical education is penetrating deepest, darkest Africa and how can we help improve on how it is delivered. Can we get Africa onto the same research and educational platforms the rest of the world is standing on. Is the access to #FOAMed material on the African continent really free and available to all? This podcast series was put out in support of the “Adopt a Delegate” programme being run in conjunction with the 2013 Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa’s Trauma conference being held in Cape Town. In order to sponsor a Paramedic or PHEM provider in getting to the conference have a look at the EMSSA Conference site to support. (more…)

Podcast#22(Part1): “The Emergency Physician in Africa”

This post was written by Stevan Bruijns , Friday, August 30th, 2013

© 2013 M Harris I approached Dr Stevan Bruijns, editor of the African Journal of Emergency Medicine, and asked him to give me some insight into Emergency Medicine and Paramedic practice on the African continent as well as more about the Adopt a Delegate programme. If you have ever considered lending a helping hand, please look at supporting the “Adopt a Delegate” programme and show your support to our fellow Paramedics on the African continent.

(Imagine you work as a Paramedic on the African continent.) Got it? Now replace the ambulances with a bicycle, increase the distance to travel to the nearest health care facility by about 5 fold, remove two thirds of the staff at the receiving hospital, the CT scanner and the specialty of emergency medicine. Turn up the heat, add some mosquitoes and voila you are in the setting which Adopt-a-delegate aims to improve. (more…)

Podcast#21(Part2): “Africa’s Best Practice?”

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Thursday, August 1st, 2013

AfricaWhat should we expect from the African continent when it comes to meeting our westernised standards and perceptions in providing emergency medicine? Should we expect best practice policy from a continent limited in resource, overwhelmed by geographical hurdles and financial constrained to a point that it cripples most systems trying to provide the basic of health care. In this resource poor environment, is it realistic to expect best practice values to be met or should the bar be set a bit lower? In this, the second part to my podcast with Jarred Sun, we talk about some of the issues around emergency medicine on the African continent. (more…)