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In memory of John Hinds 4th July 2015

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Sunday, July 5th, 2015

JohnsHinds “We have lost one of our own. Death has turned his heavy hand against us and taken one more from us.”

It is with sadness that the FOAMed and Emergency medicine community is mourning the loss of Doctor John Hinds. I would like to extend my condolence to all that knew him and hope that we can continue to carry his legacy forward.

I, like many followers around the world had only got to know John through the power of social media and had never shaken his hand. He was open and approachable, willing to engage in discussion that made him one of my most favourite podcast guests to appear on this site. He will leave an incredible legacy within the field of prehospital and emergency care. (more…)

Having a Heatwave

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

cc Flikr Jim Legans, JrCan you suffer a heat related emergency indoors? On the hottest day of the year most Paramedics already know that the emergency 999 call volume will steadily climb in direct relation to the outside temperature. A mini heat wave means health agencies issuing warnings to stay hydrated and the sales of factor 50 suntan lotion rocketing. For the average Paramedics the day is a long drawn out shift in the back of a vehicle with poor or no air conditioning at all. Unlike most of the “normal” working population in their climate controlled office, the Paramedic does feel the heat. But what about that elderly population, insulated in their small poorly ventilated one bedroom boxed room, the thermostat routinely stuck on high.   (more…)

IPHEC Conference 2015

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Wednesday, March 4th, 2015



It’s great to see a resurgence of prehospital care conferences’ being organised by frontline prehospital care providers . The International Prehospital Care conference is the first to be run by the South East Coast Ambulance Service and promises to be open to over 1000 delegates over a two day period. See the CPD calendar for more details.

Live from London.

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

IMG_0415.PNGThis year the team from St Emlyn’s are podcasting from the floor of the London Trauma Conference. For a brief “Entertainment News” style review of some of the speakers and topics being presented, listen to Iain Beardsell and Natalie May give their opinion of the proceedings. Hints and promises of some interesting interviews with key figures from the four days so far are being lined up and sound promising. Visit the St Emlyn’s site for more.

It’s all happening in London

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Sunday, December 7th, 2014

London Trauma

This week see’s the start of the London Trauma conference and another great line up of speakers. Two full days of Trauma care followed by cardiac arrest topics. Who would miss this? Unfortunately me! Unlike previous years where I had been foiled by a night shift or a snotty nose the year before, I will once again be depending on you to let me know what I missing. More at the conference website.

I’m not nuts about mental health!

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Saturday, October 11th, 2014

“Paramedics don’t get enough mental health training!”, it’s a cry that has been banded about for ages. The reality is, it’s probably true, highlighted by the frontline Paramedics general poor perceptions of mental health patients. In a journal abstract I found this week, these sentiments are echo’d in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research with a systematic literature review by the authors studying perceptions and experiences behind treating self harm patients.

You can find the abstract here. Registration may be required. (more…)

Keeping up with the Laundry

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Saturday, September 20th, 2014

I’m not one who is comfortable with airing dirty laundry in public and will be the first to acknowledge that the UK 999 Ambulance system probably has a whole load of dirty washing in their laundry hamper. A basket load of catching up on. Eight minute targets, winter pressures and staffing levels over Christmas are probably a few of the dirties. Like most, I’m aware of this festering pile that keeps being pushed to the bottom of the laundry hamper, comfortable with the notion that . . “they will get around to it”. But what happens when you see the dirty washing on the front page of the media press? What happens when everyone knows you have run out of clean underwear? (more…)

EuSEM 2014

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Emergency medicine is growing rapidly and undergoing major changes across Europe. We have become a key provider of medical treatment, going way beyond the early concepts of accident and urgent care at the evening or weekends when other care providers are absent. In some of the largest European countries, statistics show the number of patients in emergency departments each year reaches a quarter of the population. This huge number of patients demands high quality of treatment. Waiting times in emergency departments are a number one theme in the press and television in some countries. To cope with such challenges emergency medicine needs new ideas. Like the merchants from Amsterdam who made the city rich by reaching out to the world, we must also look beyond our own countries. We must be open to new ideas and seek new knowledge to find new answers. (Dr Barbara Hogan. President EuSEM)

Medicine in the Extreme

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Monday, May 19th, 2014

extreme-medicine-logoMaybe it was the look of a very rugged Sir Ranulph Fiennes on the poster with the words “extreme medicine” embossed across it that first got my attention, but either way, I have been sucked into visiting the website for this years conference on extreme medicine. Not that I’m particularly keen to provide emergency medicine in the sub zero conditions of the antartic, but my curiosity on how to, is. For more details about this conference see the HarrisCPD calendar for dates or visit the conference website.

Putting the “Hi Fi” into simulation.

This post was written by Matthew Harris , Sunday, April 27th, 2014

LFB AircraftIf you missed news of a plane crash in central London over the weekend it was probably because it did not get much airtime from any of the major news outlets in the first place. Mainly because it was a simulated air crash and part of a city of London emergency response exercise. Most of the photo’s coming out of the exercise would indicate no expense was spared in putting the “Hi Fidelity” in this HiFi simultion. Making it as real as possible with the fuselage of a disused aircraft “embedded” into the rubble of an abandoned warehouse. (more…)