SMACC Sydney

The 2019 SMACC (Social Media And Critical Care) conference is returning to its birth place for the summer and according to the organisers for its final running. A social media phenomenon in the critical and acute care community this conference has gained a reputation for being quirky and different in all of its formats. It’s strength and appeal lies in the wealth of international guest speakers with a social media status akin to that of a premiership footballer, but offering far more substance over style. This is one of the very few conference opportunities where tickets sell out more quickly than at a boy band concert. The vast line up of social media empowered guests means that there is always a wealth of CPD being generated outside the main event through various social media channels for those who are not able to make the journey to the other side of the world. Please visit the event organisers for more detail about this event,SMACC 2019 or view the HarrisCPD calendar for more CPD events

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