Podcast #26: “Soundbite from smaccDUBmini”

Baby-Storm-Trooper-walyouAt this year SMACC in Dublin I caught up with co-founder of the BADem and South African blogger, Kat Evans. Kat had attended the paediatrics session at SMACC and I was eager to hear what key points she thought  would be worth following as topics are released onto the FOAMed world over the next few months and what she thought would be the future developments to watch in the world of paediatrics?

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The Show Notes:
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My Guests Bio:

katevansBio: Katya Evans: 
 At the time a Specialist Emergency Physician in Cape Town , South Africa, Kat was born in Mombasa, Kenya but grew up in Durban, South Africa. Her background prior to medicine included working in KZN as an Intermediate Life Support EMS practitioner as well as working for the Eye Bank as a cornea procurement technician. Kat became passionate about EM during her time in EMS, and started medical school with the aim of a long term career in African EM. Moving to Cape Town for a fantastic internship and community service at the busy G.F. Jooste Hospital in Manenberg where her enthusiasm for EM grew under the guidance of Emergency Physicians working at the facility. Kat was project leader for a free South African smartphone app called EM Guidance which was developed in 2013 through the organisation www.openmedicineproject.org. Kat has

 a keen interest in FOAMed, toxicology, prehospital care, quality improvement, psychiatric emergencies, paed EM, mHealth, ultrasound, collaboration between specialities, patient flow and innovative “on the floor” solutions to african EM problems.

Co founder and author of @BAD__EM. Badem.co.za helps to bring together practitioners from all spheres of emergency medicine to have brave discussions and share knowledge in Africa! My focus in #badEM is clinical based on both case studies and collaboration with other EM and non-EM gurus in Africa. Follow Katya @kat__evans or @TOMP_SA .

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