Power of the Podcast

raf,220x200,075,f,462445-542506a2a5Is the Podcast dead? This June, I’m taking the HarrisCPD podcasts mobile to ask that exact question! I’m packing my tape-recorder into my travel  bag and heading for Dublin and SMACC DUB 2016. In an attempt to kick start my podcasting career again after a dismal 2015, I have thrown myself into the deep end of podcasting and will be joining fellow pod-casters at  SMACC DUB. I will be at the Media Booth in the learning zone of the Dublin Convention centre and Exhibition hall on all three days of the conference. Have a look at this line up of heavy weight masters of the podcasting FOAMed world!! I’m bound to learn something from them? For more details or if you are about, give me a shout on the Tue/Wed or Thur?  @HarrisCPD

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