Carpools and Paramedics.

AdeleHave you seen James Cordon on the Late Late show? Where do you think he got his inspiration from for his new Carpool Karaoke idea? Well from this site and this #FOAMed community of course! James has been a long time member and supporter of the HarrisCPD site and when he saw my carpool interview with San Francisco Paramedic Cpt Niels Tangherlini in “Grounding the Frequent Flyers” he immediately got hold of me and another lifelong CPD supporter, Adele and asked us if he could use the same idea. Being as modest as I am, I said that would not be a problem. Whilst James has promised to only interview all the “A”-listers, I’ve asked him not to poach any interviews with the Paramedic and pre-hospital crews. If you have any ideas for an interview please drop me a line before he does.

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