SMACC Dublin registration opens

star warsTickets, to what has to be the most sought after gig in town go on sale Wednesday the 28th October. With limited capacity and only 2000 tickets going up for sale, you can expect a mad scramble at 9am in the morning, Sydney time Australia for SMACC DUB 2016. That’s going to be midnight for you and me in good old blighty . . don’t get caught out, the clocks go back the same weekend before.
It’s not the first time this year that I’ve been up at midnight trying to buy tickets online. It was through shear dedication and luck that I managed to get tickets to the 2015 World Cup Rugby Final. Will power, a pot of coffee and repeatedly hitting the refresh button on my computer for four hours constant. I called in sick for work that morning. Repetitive strain injury.
If for some reason you can’t spend your early hours of Wednesday morning camped infront of your computer in a sleeping bag, or you don’t have your 2016 work rota, you do have another chance to get tickets on the 2nd of December and 3rd February. After that the black market ticket touts are probably your best bet. I’m not going to leave it that late, but rather see how many mobile devices I can connect to the internet at any one time around midnight.

See you at SMACC DUB?


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