Podcast #25: “Kids, Spots n Dots”

spottedOnce again I’m joined by Dr Natalie May who is steadily becoming our resident specialist on all things kid related. In this podcast I asked Natalie to give me and the operational Paramedic some insight into childhood illnesses commonly seen alongside a rash. It’s important to remember that a whole host of childhood diseases present with a rash and when making a diagnosis we need to take a few things into consideration. Of course, as preHospital care providers our first main worry is always the rash associated with meningitis. In this podcast we discuss the difference between meningitis and meningococcal meningitis. My thanks to Natalie for supporting Paramedic FOAMed.

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The Show Notes:
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My Guests Bio:

NMayBio: Dr Natalie May
On the StEmlynsblog website site Natalie is listed as “knowing more than her consultants about lots of stuff” whilst giving her qualification as an Emergency Physician and sub speciality trainee in Paediatrics, having numerous interests in medical education, leadership and emergency paediatrics. When it comes to finding somebody to answer the pressing questions around paediatric illness, Natalie is this Paramedics first choice. Natalie is an avid FOAMed supporer and can be found on twitter under @_NMay.

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