Podcast #24: “Defrosting the PreHospital Hypothermia Myth”

cc uncyclopedia.wikia.comHe is the epitome of preHospital care. Every Paramedic, jealous of his ROSC rates! The Saint Bernard dog with his bear like paws padding over frozen snow, a keg of warm whiskey strapped around his neck and years of wisdom etched across his wrinkled face. Patients pulled from their snowy graves and resuscitated with a salivating flick and lick to the lips. He is the master of Hypothermic Resuscitation! It’s probably this kind of idealism that has fed a belief that a cold patient is a “good” patient to deliver to the front door of the resuscitation bay or ED. The more frosty icicles hanging from their frozen fingers the better your chance of a successful ROSC?

Having picked up on the shift in attitude away from preHospital cooling, I’m found trying to get my head around some of the literature that is questioning the benefit of this approach in the field. In this podcast I call upon the expertise of fellow podcaster Doctor Ken Milne to shed some insight into the medical papers that are creating this debate. Ken runs “The Skeptics guide to Emergency Medicine” website, so is well practised in viewing most journal papers with some skeptisism. He is eager to point out that you should not believe everything you read or are being taught, even if it comes directly from him, always be a skeptic he says. As most Paramedics are skeptics by nature and wary of any type of change, I thought he would be the perfect person to ask, “why stop preHospital cooling? . . . it must work? It works for my Saint Bernard friend?”

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The Show Notes:
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My Guests Bio:

20140114-215136.jpgDr. Ken Milne is the Chief of Staff at South Huron Hospital in Exeter, Ontario. He is an adjunct professor at Western University and faculty member of the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine (BEEM) group, McMaster University. He won the Canadian Association of Emergency Physician’s (CAEP) teaching award last year. This was in recognition of Dr. Milne creating the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine (www.TheSGEM.com) project. This social media initiative uses a weekly blog and podcast to disseminate high-quality, clinically-relevant, evidenced based and patient centred information around the world for free. His passions are Rural EM research, EBM and medical education.

2 Responses to “Podcast #24: “Defrosting the PreHospital Hypothermia Myth””

  1. sgem says:

    Thank you very much for having me on the podcast. I really enjoyed being able to talk about the recent issue of pre-hospital cooling of ROSC patients.
    Viva la FOAMed

  2. Matthew Harris says:

    My Thanks to Ken for engaging with the preHospital gang and us Paramedics. FOAMed, making better skeptics?. . . . would you agree?

    Definitely viva FOAMed