Podcast#21(Part2): “Africa’s Best Practice?”

AfricaWhat should we expect from the African continent when it comes to meeting our westernised standards and perceptions in providing emergency medicine? Should we expect best practice policy from a continent limited in resource, overwhelmed by geographical hurdles and financial constrained to a point that it cripples most systems trying to provide the basic of health care. In this resource poor environment, is it realistic to expect best practice values to be met or should the bar be set a bit lower? In this, the second part to my podcast with Jarred Sun, we talk about some of the issues around emergency medicine on the African continent.

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The Show Notes:
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My Guests Bio:

Jared SunBio: Jared Sun

Jared graduated from Stanford University and completed a Fulbright the following year in Cape Town, South Africa, where he also obtained a PhD in Emergency Medicine at the University of Cape Town and researched pre-hospital care in developing countries. He currently studies at the Yale School of Medicine, and is on the editorial board for the African Journal of Emergency Medicine. Jared trained as an EMT in high school after being incorrectly registered for what he thought was a lifeguard training course.

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