Podcast#21(Part1): “Community First Responders in Africa”

Providing ALSImagine calling for an ambulance and one never came, being so far from any form of medical support or infrastructure that the situation would seem hopeless. Having to deal with the biggest of emergencies, with the most meager of resource, being the only medic for miles around. Imagine practicing emergency medicine in Africa. On a daily basis thousands of remote medics across the continent struggle to provide what the first world sees as best practice. In the face of adversity, poor road conditions, incredible distance and an overwhelming patient population, Africa is embracing emergency medicine.

In this podcast I chat to Yale medical student Jared Sun about his vision of setting up a community based responce system to medical emergencies in countries plagued by limited resource. Jared has taken concepts that work in westernised countries and has introduced them into remote communities in South Africa and on the African continent. Introducing the community to basic first aid and supporting the existing medical service. In this the first of two podcasts, Jared introduces us to some of the hurdles that need to be overcome.

Listen to Podcast#21 (Part One): “Community First Responders in Africa”

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The Show Notes:
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My Guests Bio:

Jared SunBio: Jared Sun

Jared graduated from Stanford University and completed a Fulbright the following year in Cape Town, South Africa, where he also obtained a PhD in Emergency Medicine at the University of Cape Town and researched pre-hospital care in developing countries. He currently studies at the Yale School of Medicine, and is on the editorial board for the African Journal of Emergency Medicine. Jared trained as an EMT in high school after being incorrectly registered for what he thought was a lifeguard training course.

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