Podcast#20: “Paediatrics & URTI”

supermanMeet the one super hero villain that all Paramedics fear. Our arch nemesis and personal kryptonite, the kid with a snotty green nose, armed with special powers to render the preHospital care provider weak and powerless. This pocket size villain has the ability to hurl green snot, sputum and saliva across a room in one foul cough or stun with an ear piercing scream. No Paramedic should be expected to go up against this super hero, ill prepared. In this podcast I’m armed with some questions on how to come to grips with this miniature menace and the Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

In this Podcast I chat to Dr Natalie May about some of the key questions paramedics are asking when it comes to being presented with a young child, a snotty green nose and an Upper respiratory track infection. We discuss the administration of Dexamethasone for croup, recently introduced in the UK for paramedics following the 2013 JRCALC guidelines.

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The Show Notes:
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My Guests Bio:

NMayBio: Dr Natalie May

On the StEmlynsblog website site Natalie is listed as “knowing more than her consultants about lots of stuff” whilst giving her qualification as an Emergency Physician and sub speciality trainee in Paediatrics, having numerous interests in medical education, leadership and emergency paediatrics. When it came to finding somebody to answer the pressing questions around paediatric URTI’s, Natalie is this Paramedics first choice. Natalie is an avid twitter follower and can be found on twitter under @_NMay.

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