Podcast#12 (part1): Airway Management, the Basics.

If you’ve ever sat through one of John Hinds’ presentations on airway management you would be baffled by the number of slides to do with motorcycles in the first few minutes of the talk. What becomes obvious is his passion for motorcycle racing probably gives him more than enough credibility when it comes to managing the difficult airway after a severe crash. John is a consultant anaesthetist and intensivist in Northern Ireland as well as part of the BASICS group Northern Ireland. It was after one of his presentations to a group of Paramedics on airway management that I asked John to share some of his tips and tricks when placing an ET tube for this podcast.

In this podcast John talks to us about the current state of prehospital care in Northern Ireland and some of the pitfalls we as prehospital intubators might fall into when intubating. He offers us a few tips on how to make intubation easier for ourselves.

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“Airway Management, the Basics”

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The Show Notes:

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Website Reference:
An Anesthetist on a Motor Cycle: A short write up on the KTM UK Facebook page about the Irish road racing scene here.

Wesite Reference:
Northern Ireland Ambulance Service website here

Journal Reference:
“The Gum elastic bougie: One of anaesthesia’s best kept secrets”
John D Hinds, Pavel Michalek
Journal of Paramedic Practice, Vol. 1, Iss. 1, 01 Oct 2008, pp 21 – 25 . Abstract available here

Journal Reference:
JAMA: “Association of Prehospital Advanced Airway Management with Neurologic Outcome and Survival in Patients with Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest”
Hasegawa et al JAMA Journal of the American Medical Association Full Article here
I’ve posted about this paper earlier and you can find a copy here

My Guests Bio:

Bio: John Hinds

John is a Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist working in Craigavon Area Hospital, and a Lead Clinician for Critical Care in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland. His prehospital interests span over 10 years or so; working both with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service through BASICS NI, and in event medicine, as part of the Motorcycle Union of Ireland Medical Team.

The motorcycle race cover is a unique entity in Ireland – it’s one of the few places in the world where racing takes place on closed, public roads as well as on purpose built tracks. This unique situation mandates a unique solution to providing rapid medical care if and when an incident occur. A system of having 2 doctors mounted on rapid response motorcycles, supported by a full motorsports medicine team, has evolved over the years. This hobby/job occupies most of John’s weekends for most of the summer, and it is without doubt the best seat in the house for someone who is a die hard fan of the sport!

John is involved with Paramedic training, CPD and curriculum development both North and South of the border in Ireland.


2 Responses to “Podcast#12 (part1): Airway Management, the Basics.”

  1. jimcpwalmsley says:

    Terrific short pod cast – succulent, to the point, relevant and useful 🙂

    Your’e website and all its amazing links, are now accessible through the Yorkshire Ambulance Service intra-net ‘cpd sessions’ home page 😉

    Best regards…


    • admin says:

      Thanks Jim. Hope to get more guests onto the podcasts in the future. Watch this space.