About HarrisCPD

This site is my attempt to embrace the wave of Free Open Access Medical education (#FOAMed) that is available on the internet. Taking the best of what’s available on the world wide web and in the field of emergency medicine, making it accessible to my fellow Paramedics. This site is a depository for my own CPD work, the pearls of knowledge and gems of wisdom I come across on my travels across the web and social media. All put into one place for other ambulance Paramedics like myself to access and share. If you have ever worked a shift in prehospital emergency medicine, have balanced a textbook on the dashboard of an ambulance or read a medical journal by the dim light of a pupil torch, . . . this site is for you.

Curators and Editors for HarrisCPD . .

Matthew Harris (Paramedic)
This site is curated by Matthew Harris who is a University lecturer in Paramedic Science in the United Kingdom. Matthew has twenty years of experience as a Paramedic working with various emergency services’ around the globe. Trained in South Africa his passion for prehospital emergency medicine comes only second to his love of medical education using social media.

Why a membership to HarrisCPD? Well in truth you don’t really need one. Most of the articles, podcasts and events are freely available to all on this site. BUT if you are serious about education, using this social medium then you would not lose out by joining the HarrisCPD members messroom here.

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HarrisCPD supports a group of enthusiastic pre Hospital care providers, champions their Continued Medical Education (CME), and is committed to promoting Continuous Professional Development (CPD). HarrisCPD promotes CPD events and opportunities available to Paramedic and Ambulance staff wishing to keep their CPD portfolio current. In collaboration with CPD event organisers , HarrisCPD promotes development opportunities in the field of emergency medicine to our members.


CPD or Continuous Professional Development is a practical requirement to be met by all emergency Paramedic and pre hospital care providers when registering to practice as a Paramedic within the UK. Registrants to the UK HPC are expected to maintain a portfolio of CPD events they have attended over the cource of two years and present the portfolio to the HCPC when requested or should they ever be short listed in the bi annual audit.