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The great old lady GCS.

The great old lady GCS.

matthew matthew 573 days ago
She has been around for almost as long as I have, and in 2014 she had her 40th birthday. Y… Read More
Paris responds

Paris responds

matthew matthew 577 days ago
In a macabre and twisted way the only thing military conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraqi and J… Read More
High altitude Extreme medicine.

High altitude Extreme medicine.

matthew matthew 594 days ago
I had the opportunity to attend another fantastic update by the West Midlands PHEM team wh… Read More
Wanted: Australian Paramedic seeking greener pasture?

Wanted: Australian Paramedic seeking greener pastu…

matthew matthew 597 days ago
Journal Article Review: The grass is greener on the other side and the water always wa… Read More
Having a Heatwave

Having a Heatwave

matthew matthew 725 days ago
Can you suffer a heat related emergency indoors? On the hottest day of the year most Param… Read More

Podcast #28 “Tim Leeuwenburg & Ryan Wubben”

February 11th, 2017

Capture22One of the greatest pleasures I had at the SMACCDUB2016 conference was to meet and chat to some of my favourite #FOAMed heroes. In this podcast I chat to Tim Leeuwenburg and Ryan Wubben about the impact that the SMACC conference and community has had on them both. This podcast/vLog looks back at some of the great sessions at SMACCDUB and offers some recommendations of who to listen to or follow in the #FOAMed world.  Continue Reading

Hello my name is

July 27th, 2016

helloThere are very few of us that will pass through life and know we have made a sizeable impact during our journey. For some  we have yet to decide what that impact will be. For Kate Granger it was the simple act of reminding us all to be compassionate in our actions. . starting a conversation with any patient, with the words “Hello my name is”. Kate passed away on the 23 July at the age of 35. Kate was quoted with “All Doctors want to leave their mark, and I think I’ve managed to do that. I think through it all I have found a strength I never Knew I had”. While I struggle to find my mark, I will take guidance from this amazing person and remember to do the small things well . . . have compassion. Hello Kate, and thank you.

Podcast #27 “smaccDUB with MJ Slabbert & Doug Lynch”

July 12th, 2016

Capture Expect a steady  drip drip of great podcast and online material over the next few months as an army of great presenters, speakers and em professional prepare to upload their incredible talks from this years smaccDUB conference. Keep a watchfull eye out for talks from Simon Carley , Scott Weingart and Victoria Brazil to name a few. In anticipation of this great content I’m joined by MJ Slabbert and Doug Lynch to chat about their highlights and top talks at this years SMACC conference. We chat about the impact social media has had on us and how we see it being used in future #FOAMed, our favourite SMACC talk and meeting a few of our heroes.  Continue Reading

Podcast #26: “Soundbite from smaccDUBmini”

June 20th, 2016

Baby-Storm-Trooper-walyouAt this year SMACC in Dublin I caught up with co-founder of the BADem and South African blogger, Kat Evans. Kat had attended the paediatrics session at SMACC and I was eager to hear what key points she thought  would be worth following as topics are released onto the FOAMed world over the next few months and what she thought would be the future developments to watch in the world of paediatrics? Continue Reading

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